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    Economic, environmental and social considerations fully integrated into your fleet management

Insights for fleet managers, benefits for drivers

The fleet management sector is moving fast. Until recently, the focus was on determining a maximum budget and selecting a lease vehicle. Today we need to balance mobility needs, the wishes of the driver, fiscal considerations, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) including sustainability. To achieve this, fleet managers require solid, efficient and independent tools.

Why XPOfleet?

The position of XPOfleet as a modern, trendsetting and independent leader in fleet management software underscores the effectiveness of our approach and philosophy.

Our ambition, 20 years of experience and unique, innovative ICT / fleet mix, allows us to always achieve the perfect balance between the needs of a company or market and technical possibilities. Our success is based on the fact that we manage to optimally align these elements time after time.

Of course, XPOfleet continues to expand its knowledge and expertise. By doing so, we ensure our solutions are in line with rapidly changing work environments and the challenges of tomorrow. All software is developed in-house and our experienced helpdesk is ready to support you directly in English, Dutch and French.

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    Reduce costs, increase efficiency

The current standard in fleet management

For today’s (Fleet) Manager, a centralized overview is indispensable. Information about the fleet, drivers and suppliers needs to be up-to-date, complete and immediately visible.

XPOfleet fleet management software exposes (hidden) costs and helps identify opportunities for improvement. The required information exchange is made possible by integration with in-house financial and HR systems and interfacing with external applications and suppliers.

XPOfleet always meets these minimum requirements – whilst offering much more besides.

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    Dynamic, flexible management in a dynamic environment

Around the world, demand for sustainable and responsible mobility is growing exponentially. Efficient fleet management and keeping fuel consumption under control are just two aspects. Today, there is a strong emphasis on combining all types of mobility. Employees expect the greatest convenience and value. For the company, the result should be as cost-effective as possible whilst adding significant value.

XPOfleet anticipates these trends and opportunities, making the most of the potential offered by different types of mobility by fully adjusting and fine-tuning these elements. At the same time, we offer centralised access to all the insights fleet managers need today – and tomorrow.

Asset management

Total Solutions for all drivers and types of mobility

Financial (asset) and operational management encompass more than just company cars. When the driver is taken into consideration, we speak of ‘mobility management’.

The company car is no longer the only determining asset for the company. Equally important are the person making use of different types of mobility, his / her satisfaction and effective management of all options and combinations.

XPOfleet does more than simply offer insights. This leading solution makes it possible to efficiently manage all aspects of mobility.

Shared services

Improved service and quality-enhancing fleet services

The complexity of administration can grow rapidly, especially within companies that consist of multiple entities. The XPOfleet solution: extensive support and process automation, including the way in which costs are passed on (internally).

Internal rental contracts and invoices including ‘out of contract’ invoicing are available as standard functionality in XPOfleet and can be easily customised to meet your specific demands. This brings the ‘shared service’ principle (internal leasing company) within the reach of every organization.

XPOfleet Fleet management software helps you reduce costs, increase understanding and automate and improve processes.

'Pay as you use'- formulas

Why pay for lower consumption?

Companies and drivers demand flexibility. Not only in choosing their means of transport, but also when it comes to the related cost resettlement.

Obviously, organizations would rather not have to pay for unused cars and miles not driven.

XPOfleet is in the lead when it comes to supporting and implementing new initiatives. Think of per-kilometre leasing, optionally in combination with telematics solutions, allowing employer and employee to be charged based on the actual number of kilometres driven.

Awareness and involvement

Offering drivers insights into their choices and behaviour

Our independent XPOmobile app results in extensive driver awareness and enables direct, clear communication with drivers. XPOmobile effortlessly provides clear insights into decisions regarding transport and mobility deployments. It becomes possible to directly compare results with those of other drivers. CO2 emissions, for example, or damages, fuel consumption and purchases. The result: greater awareness and more efficient, safer use of transport.

Find out more about XPOmobile and how this application can support your organisation and drivers.

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    Insights, communication and motivation for high-quality, safer mobility policies.

The fleet manager needs to give substance to a variety of subjects for each employee. Mobility requirements, for example, or agreements, arrangements, spending and behaviour. In practice, drivers are regularly surprised by their results, which acts as a strong motivating force.

XPOmobile offers employees tangible insights into real-time, smart and beneficial mobility behaviour. He or she gets fast, deep insights into chosen transport solutions, handling, costs and environmental aspects.

Driver awareness and involvement are encouraged through dynamic dashboards. ‘Environment & consumption’ shows the ecological footprint, other dashboards provide insight into damage reports and traffic fines. The fleet manager can rank all available dashboards. This clarifies driver performance by comparing various KPI scores with those of peers.

XPOmobile places useful and updated contact information at the drivers’ fingertips. For example: garages, tire centres or glass repair points in the area. The driver can instantly consult relevant information, from registration to lease status or data from fuel and mobility cards.

XPOmobile app

This allows the fleet manager to send direct or automated messages from XPOfleet to drivers. This could be operational information or messages in support of (safety) policy: scheduled maintenance, fines, Winter tires…

XPOmobile even offers the possibility of integration with telematics solutions, for example to establish a comprehensive trip logbook.

XPOmobile is available for Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Windows Desktop, and as an online driver portal.

Download our XPOmobile app


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Your out-of-the-box strategic ERP fleet solution

  • The internal (fleet) Manager’s assistant

    XPOfleet helps (fleet) managers do their jobs efficiently and in the best possible way. In addition, XPOfleet shows where the costs of the vehicle fleet lie and uncovers opportunities for improvement.

  • Integration

    We have extensive experience in providing on-point solutions for integration with data from hundreds of suppliers – fuel contract, damages, invoices… – as well as internal HR and financial systems such as SAP, Navision, AX, Exact, AFAS, Sd Worx, Attentia. All custom made, of course.

  • Local or in the Cloud

    We offer complete flexibility. Installed in the cloud or on-premise? You can switch freely at any time and there are no obligations. Would you prefer to store confidential data on your own servers? Simply install XPOfleet on your own servers. Would you rather not have the responsibility for management, for example due to time constraints or lack of specialist knowledge? Then you can opt for our XPOfleet Cloud solution. This allows us to guarantee optimal availability and performance.

  • In-house development and helpdesk

    We are continuously developing XPOfleet ourselves, in line with the changing needs of the customer and the market. 20 years of knowledge and expertise in ICT and fleet management guarantee the quality of our services, products and advice. This quality also extends to our own helpdesk: experienced people with broad knowledge who are fully aware of the latest developments. They are happy to answer all your technical, functional and fiscal questions in Dutch, French and English.

Features XPOfleet

  • Your out-of-the-box strategic ERP fleet solution

  • Fleet management software, fleet ERP solution for management of owned and leased mobility solutions

  • Multi-Lingual, Multi-currency, multi-fleet, multi-fiscal

  • Supports all fleet and mobility management processes fully

  • Efficient and cost effective fleet management and mobility management

  • TCO & RCU cost allocation / budgeting

  • Real-Time Profit & Loss reports

  • Booking & Management cost forwarding (drivers / Cost centres / sub-let / Shared Services)

  • Invoice Matching

  • PO vs. invoice matching

  • CRM: customer relationship management module suppliers / Drivers

  • Rich set of standard operational and strategic reports based on best practices of fleet managers.

  • Intuitive advanced do-it-yourself reporting including charts

  • Electronic catalogue with advanced module for processing large quantities of scans

  • Integrated online communication platform with links to digital archive

  • Fuel stop validation with automatic fuel stop correction: unique in the market

  • Automated planning system SMR & technical control – follow-up

  • Pool Car Management

  • Car (mobility) configurator

  • XPOmobile app for driver awareness and involvement

  • and much more ….

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Goal 1: Support and optimise your fleet

Greater control

Your advantage: a clear overview of the ordering process, Pool Car reservations and IntelliScan.

Extensive reporting capabilities

Your advantage: professional-grade reports at your fingertips. You can also create your own reports and export these to MS Excel.

Centralized communication

Your advantage: send personalized messages from XPOfleet to drivers by SMS, email or XPOmobile. All communication is automatically logged!

Single point of entry

Your advantage: your entire fleet administration is in XPOfleet, including all the necessary documents.

Automation of repeat actions

Your advantage: With a few clicks you import all supplier data and details of lease and insurance companies.

Management by Exception

Your advantage: XPOfleet will inform you – in due time – of things that might be improved. Focus your attention on what is really necessary.

Goal 2: Save time and cost in your organization

More fleet options

Your advantage: you can manage more vehicles thanks to increased efficiency. Did you know that a large proportion of our clients manage 400 to 700 vehicles with only one FTE?

Automatic lease invoice validation

Your advantage: you can be sure that you always pay exactly the amount agreed.

System integration

Your advantage: you can integrate XPOfleet to a variety of HR and Financial systems such as SAP, Exact, Navision, Dynamics AX, Unit4 Agresso …

Complete history

Your advantage: XPOfleet stores a complete record of who drives which vehicle, cost centre mutations and fuel cards used. This gives you greater insight.

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    My Privacy


As of the 25th of May, 2018 the GDPR regulation, also called AVG, is in force. For fleet owners this means that drivers of company cars may now exercise their right of consultation.

It is standard for XPOfleet to maintain all the necessary documents in order to be in compliance with this. However in turn, this results in an additional workload for the fleet owner. XPOfleet takes care of the fleet owner with the web tool “My Privacy”.

With MyPrivacy, every employee with a company car or a mobility budget can easily consult his or her personal details online at any time.

With MyPrivacy, the privacy policy of your organization becomes even more transparent without you having to spend more time on it. XPOfleet MyPrivacy adjusts itself to the employee usage by providing transparent personal data in the language of the employee. Dutch, French, English and German are supported.


However, GDPR gives the people in your organization more privileges than just the right to transparency. Should the employee wish to make use of his right to have data deleted or needs to correct mistakes, he can see in an instance how he may get in contact with you. Naturally safe and totally GDPR compliant.

My Privacy is available on the XPOfleet Cloud.

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